Marriage was designed to be a partnership, with each member pulling their own weight to make life work. However, when one becomes controlling, this throws off that balance and makes life more difficult. There are several signs of a controlling relationship you should look for if you suspect abuse in a family or friend's marriage.

Financial Control

While cash is one of the main issues in most marriages, it should never be used as a resource for controlling the flow of the relationship. If your spouse is exceedingly controlling where finances are concerned, it may be time to review your options and seek professional help before it escalates.

Conditional Acceptance or Love

Sometimes a partner will make comments that indicate they would like you more or enjoy your company more if you meet certain conditions. This conditional love can revolve around appearance, education, or employment, and is designed to prevent you from feeling like you're good enough.

Using Guilt to Their Advantage

There's perhaps no better tactic than infusing guilt on someone when it comes to a person getting what they want, and a controlling spouse is not afraid to use it. If your spouse regularly aims to make you feel guilty about things that are out of your control, you may be dealing with a controlling spouse.

While these are only a few of the many signs of a controlling marriage, they are the ones that have the most common denominators in many controlling relationships. If you've experienced any of these behaviors, it may be a good time to gather some advice and get in touch with a domestic violence attorney.